How to Make the Yummy Onion Ring Easily

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How to Make the Yummy Onion Ring Easily
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Yellow onion is one of many great spices that often be used to cook many things and very useful to turn the taste to be more tasteful. But please, do not be wrong by using the kind of onion when you want to cook. Because the onion actually has various kind that can be traced by its different colors or even the shape each ones to another.

At this moment, we would like to present you a great recipe that seems actually beyond anti–mainstream one due to its main material itself made by yellow onion!

Yeah, I know and all of us have been known it clearly that making any snack in our own kitchen surely will be healthier and taste even greater, though you just use a very common spices available in your kitchen. One of those simple snack but yet yummy to eat and I bet will makes many people fall in love with it is onion rings! or yeah you can say this as crispy onion ring!

The materials on how to make this snack one basically is very easy peasy and the steps on how to make it also simple and very plain.

You do not need any mixer or even heavy tools to operate and soften the spices, et cetera. Just please use only your simple kitchen tools and just happy when making it!

So guys, below we have arranged the materials and the steps on how to make this great onion rings for you. Check it kindly and please do not forget to give it a try! ;)

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- 2 yellow onions with big size

- 250 gr of crispy flour or yeah you can use the multi–purpose flour here.

- 125 ml of drinkable water

- Chicken extract powder, or you can use the cow extract powder if you like. Or also if you prefer to use the healthier one you can also find the natural chicken extract through boiling some raw chicken meat firstly in the clean water and once it well–boiled, you can take the above water of this boiled chicken.
Eatable oil


1. Slice the yellow onions slightly in kind of shape of circle, and please let one by one separated to get a perfect shape like a beautiful ring.

2. Make a dough by mixing the flour and the drinkable water altogether.

3. You can mix or stir it just by spoon, example by stir the crispy instant flour to the 120 ml of water in a bowl.

4. Pour the leftover of the crispy flour to a different bowl.

5. Now, put the yellow onion slices into the wet flour dough. And then, please put the yellow onion rings to the other bowl which filled by the leftover of the crispy flour.

6. Do it to every slices of the yellow onion patiently.

7. After that, you can fry it all to the hot eatable oil in your pan, and let it well–fried or the color itself has changed to be well–golden yellow.

8. Serve it on a big plate and share to your loved ones.

Happy tummy! :) (Dyah)

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