How to Make Fudgy Brownie with Double Chocolate and Scattered Almond

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How to Make Fudgy Brownie with Double Chocolate and Scattered Almond
How to Make Fudgy Brownie with Double Chocolate and Scattered Almond/Pinterest


There are still many things around us that wants to make us feels upset. Those things even those people sometimes or even most of the times also want to judge us by the trivial things which is basically they never cannot afford it or reaching it, but towards us they will throw their brazen and heinous mockeries. Those of course are kinds of people who judge everyone around them easily, but never be cared to the progress of the life of themselves.

They also, will find any kinds of way to treat anyone around them badly, shatter any people’s heart and kill their mental health. But, have you known buddies? That actually, far from their heart of themselves, here are those people ones who will always lose. They never know and admit that they themselves have been shattered because of their bad acts itself, including their past wounds that perhaps have been make them being so far and so bad like this currently happened.

I do not know what exactly to do towards the kinds of people like them, but to be honest guys, rather than being care to such people like these, why don’t us start to make a fudgy brownie with some cuts of almond nuts and double chocolate layers than usual or than we ever made? This is something more breathtaking actually. Yeah, just love and take your own mental health. It is so precious!

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113 gr chocolate bar

113 gr butter

75 gr low multi–purpose flour

1/4 teaspoon salt

25 gr cocoa powder

200 gr sugar

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla powder

100 gr choco chips, you can divide it into two parts

Almond, just blend it hardly

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1. Firstly, you have to heat on the oven until the temperature shown at 1800C with the upper and the down of the fire.

2. In a different bowl, please steam the chocolate bar with butter and let it cold for a while.

3. In the different bowl other, please mix the flour, cocoa, and salt altogether. And let it be.

4. Then, please mix by fork the eggs also altogether with the sugar till it well–dissolved.

5. Pour the flour and then almond into the second bowl, and stir it evenly. Just stir it, you do not need to mix it anymore.

6. Then, please pour the brownie dough into the baking tray with size circa 8x8 inch, and please previously you have to put some cake paper on it, so then pour the dough after it.

7. Spread the chocochips over the dough on the baking tray, and then pour again the leftovers of the brownie dough, and yeah repeat the previous step where you have to spread the chocochips.

8. Bake it for 20 minutes and let it cold.

9. After it well–cold, you can put it in the refrigerator and cut it after circa 1 hour later.

Share it to your loved ones! :) (Dyah)

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