How to Make Bika Ambon-An Indonesian Cake with Its Beautiful Texture

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How to Make Bika Ambon-An Indonesian Cake with Its Beautiful Texture
How to Make Bika Ambon-An Indonesian Cake with Its Beautiful Texture/Pinterest


You know it so well guys, that yeah bika ambon is one of many Indonesian traditional cakes. This cake one is very popular amongst many Indonesian, moreover in Medan city. It is yeah, the cake itself is origins from Medan. But some people might argue, why it is not being called as Bika Medan then? Laughing out loud. But yeah, there are some thought regarding this issue and still the question itself perhaps still lingering in the thought of many Indonesian even till today.

But yeah, there are also some beliefs who might say that it is because of the bika ambon itself was firstly sold at the intersection of Ambon street and the Sei Kera street. But some other else might say and trust that it is because of the cake itself was brought by the Ambonese people to Medan in the past decades ago and the Medanese itself was really loved with this cake, thus they had been tried to make it by themselves and yeah till today it has been very famous there.

Why this cake is so famous indeed and always lingering in the heart of many Indonesian?

Yeah, it is totally because this cake has been considered as a delicacy and in the first time it was just sold by one cake shop only but there few years later, the whole street in that city had been selling it too. Moreover, the seller would be very busy in serving hundreds of buyers especially when the big holidays comes, such as in the Eid el Fitr day, Chinese New Year, Christmast, et cetera, or yeah even for those who just visting Medan city for a while to turn it into some gift for later be given to their loved ones in homelands.

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So yeah, below we present a great recipe how to make the very delicate of bika ambon! Perhaps you want to share it your loved ones afterwards? Who knows? Just cook it away!


- 200 gr of sago flour

- 250 gr sugar

- 10 yolks

- 250 ml of coconut cream and 1 coconut

- 50 ml coconut water

- ½ teaspoon of salt

- 15 sheets of kaffir lime leaves, just thrown away the bone of the leaves

- 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder

- Some eatable oil to burnish the cake later

- 2 tablespoon of margarine

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Biang materials:

- 1 sachet or circa 11 gr of instant yeast

- 15 gr sugar

- 10 gr multi–purpose flour

- 60 ml of drinkable warm water

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1. Make the biang firstly. Just mix all the materials and then let it be for 15 minutes.

2. Boil the coconut water and add some kaffir lime leaves into it, let it simmering. Let it cold and mix then with sago flour.

3. Mix the eggs with sugar by the low velocity of your mixer and let the sugar itself well–dissolved.

4. After 15 minutes later, mix the biang with the mixed sago flour, and put this mix to the mix of egg and turmeric powder.

5. Add some margarine into it, stir it evenly. Let t be for 3 hours.

6. Pour the dough into the baking tray with its size circa 20x10x7 cm, but please burnish the baking tray first by some eatable oil and it must be in warm/ hot condition.

7. Roast it on the sand which is have been heated on, and just wait it until the bubble that emerged from the dough stopped. Thus it will make the dough getting its pretty cavities.

8. Roast it again in the oven in the temperature circa 1900C with the oven’s door itself must be opened.

9. Serve it on a best plate, share it to your loved ones! (Dyah)

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