How to Make Lumpang Cake Very Easy

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How to Make Lumpang Cake Very Easy
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There are many kind of cakes we can try to grow our happiness even in the very dark days. But sometimes, the taste of each one of this cake is not really make our craving feels satisfied. Thus we really need to ponder carefully what kind of cake and the ingredients of those cakes itself we must choose in order to get the very tasteful cake we craving for. So yeah, good people, there are many cake recipe in order to make lumpang cake.

By the way, have you known good people that the lumpang cake itself is one of many Indonesian traditional cakes which is the taste is so good and beyond tasteful. You will fall in love once you bite and munch this cake. Moreover, the ingredients we provide in this cake recipe one today is very special and beyond affordable in any public market place. So yeah, you do not even need to feels frustrated, confused, queasy or feels like you want to loathing and sickening, no! Yeah, now please take a look at the recipe we have prepared for you. This is very special and yeap very affordable indeed. You may share it to your loved ones later and perhaps they will like it too as all of us here who have been trying for this recipe in many times in the past.


- 100 gr of sago flour

- 25 gr rice flour

- 50 ml of pandanus leaves water

- 200 ml of coconut cream

- 100 gr of sugar

- Some bits of salt

- 2 leaves of pandanus leaves

- Steamed graters coconut

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Spreading stuff:
The half ripe or a half old of coconut, you may steam it firstly and then please add some salt into it.

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1. Boil the coconut cream firstly, and then add some sugar and salt, also put the pandanus leaves into the bowl. Let it simmering, and let it cold for a while then.

2. Mix by the spoon for the sago flour and the rice flour altogether and then pour the coconut cream into it, and stir it along the way.

3. If there are some clouds within this dough, you can filter it then.

4. Pour the dough into some cakes molds and steam it until it well–steamed for 10–15 minutes.

5. And then take out the lumpang cake once it has gotten well–steamed.

6. Serve it on a best plate you may have. And yeah, do not forget too in spreading the steamed coconut graters over this lumpang cakes!

Have a good trial of cooking!

By the way good people, you have to keep in mind that this cake is very delicious. The pandanus leaves itself may give you the sensation of fresh pandan which is never you can find in any other cakes.

Moreover, if you really good and quite patient to wait the dough until truly well–steamed then you will get the result of the best lumpang cake you have been dreaming of! (Dyah)

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