How to Make Three Flavors Lion Sponge Cake

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How to Make Three Flavors Lion Sponge Cake
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What if I told you that actually we can always make our days fulfilled and abundantly happy? What if I told you that cooking is one of many great and yet marvelous ways to create our fabulous days even just staying in the kitchen all day long? What if I told you that even people sometimes are too scary, but making cakes are never that so. What if I told you that you are the greatest power for yourself? What if I told you that caring for yourself is much needed that care to others who continuously and unstoppably underestimate you and yet mocking at you?

Please, please stop to care to those who just want to make you down.

They never even care to the health of their heart themselves. You know guys, hating someone for no reason or even attaching the reason itself could lead us to kind of depression, anxiety, even disease and pain. What we can do to help those who do not even care and never can help themselves for not harming their hearts? It is so crucial yet matters indeed in life. Thus, we have to taking care of ourselves. Let karmic affinity do its works later.

Today, as the title of this article above, you can read it carefully right, that yeah we are trying to present you a fabulous recipe in making three flavors lion sponge cake ever! This is of course very yummy and delicious cake, also very pretty. You even will feel amaze once it is ready and well–cooked in front of you later. Thus, just please make sure you have prepared all the ingredients and follow our steps below, yak!

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- 500 gr of margarine, if you are Indonesian, of course you can buy a little bit yummy yet quite famous margarine such as: blueband or

- Wijsman butter. Trust me, it will make your three flavors lion sponge cake even yummier and delicious!

- 400 gr soft or blended sugar

- 350 gr multi–purpose flour

- 50 gr milk powder

- 2 tablespoon of vanilla milk creamer

- Vanilla powder

- 12 yolks

- 7 white eggs

- 3 tablespoon of chocolate powder + 1 teaspoon of chocolate pasta

- 1 teaspoon of mocca pasta + some bits of multi–purpose flour

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1. In a bowl of a mixer, please mix the butter or the margarine altogether with the blended sugar, also vanilla powder until it becomes blossom for along 5 minutes.

2. Change the beater stirring to whisk one and then put the yolks into it, but please put it one by one and mix it by mixer along evenly.

3. Put also little by little the milk powder and the multi–purpose flour that you have filtered previously and just turn on the mixer with its low velocity.

4. Mix then the white eggs till it blossom strictly.

5. Put this dough then to the previous mixed yolks dough, stir it evenly.

6. You have to take the yolks dough also and then ad it some chocolate powder and the chocolate pasta, stir it evenly again and mix the yolks dough with the mocca pasta also the flour, stir it evenly also.

7. Pour the dough into the baking tray with size circa 24x10 cm and burnish it with a bit of margarine and pour the dough little by little especially you have to make sure to pour the chocolate dough first and then pour also the mocca dough, repeat these steps till all dough run out.

8. Roast or bake it in the heated oven and ready to use, particularly in 1600C for 25 minutes and then after that just decrease the temperature to be 1500C and let it well–browned.

9. Check it by pinning the cake with wood stick once you thought it has gotten well–baked.

10. Serve it on a plate. (Dyah)

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