How to Make Caterpillar Bread Very Easy

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How to Make Caterpillar Bread Very Easy
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What if I told you that caterpillar can be eaten? Oh, it is totally ordinary thing you know. Hmm you may say like that. Yeah, the caterpillar itself has been so usual and not really extraordinary thing to be eaten by many people worldwide. But how about the caterpillar cake itself?

Have you made it? Or perhaps eat this cake by yourself? Hmm, of course it is not about the animal of the caterpillar itself which is attached or being grabbed and put it in the dough of the this cake, but instead the shape of this cake which is like caterpillar.

So yeah, this cake one is very yummy, I bet and will very sure you guys would falling in love due to its tasteful flavor yet quite salty and you know guys, the taste of the sausages cuts over the cake itself are very indeed delicious. I cannot say thankful enough to whoever one who made this cake recipe and kindly share this. But of course, I know you guys have been hungry and quite feel unsatisfied if you cannot afford this meal one. But for sure, please just do not be overwhelmed by anger even you cannot afford it in any market place, of course you can cook and make it by yourself. So yeah, just take a look at the recipe below!

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- 250 gr of high protein flour

- 50 gr medium protein flour

- 40 gr sugar

- 5 gr instant yeast or yeah you can use ½ sachet of the yeast instant itself.

- 1 yolk also the liquid of cold milk, you can ponder it till circa 204 gr

- 15 milk powder

- 50 gr margarine

- 2 gr salt

- Filling: Some sausages

- Burnish: Milk liquid

- Topping: chili sauce, cheese mayonnaise sausage, also parsley and grater cheese.

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1. Mix the flour also sugar, milk powder, and the instant yeast altogether until it dissolved and mixed well.

2. Add the yolk also the liquid milk slowly, just please do not pour it all in one time.

3. Add the margarine and salt. Knead the dough until it really well–shaped.

4. After the dough gets well–kneaded, then you can divide it and weigh the dough each one must be 50 gr, then let it be for 10 minutes.

5. Roll it by roller and then put the sausages and then dense it again.

6. Cut it then but don’t cut it freely until it is broken off.

7. Just try to make it like the shape of the caterpillar and then let it be for 45 minutes for the dough itself gets more bloomed.

8. Burnish the dough by the milk and add the topping onto it by the spaghetti sauce or mayonnaise also the parsley and cheese.

9. Put then the cake into the oven and roast it for 15 minutes with upper and down fire.

10. Take it out from the oven also from the baking tray and then put it on the cooling rack so the down part of the cake will not get perspiration and let it cold for a while.

11. Wrap it then in a plastic, so the cake will gets lasting and keep soft.

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