How to Make Abon Rolled Cake

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How to Make Abon Rolled Cake
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You know good people, that abon is one of many delicious yet extremely taste we have to mix when we cook anything.

Yes, the abon itself which is made from the grater meat especially like chicken or cow even goat meat, always makes its taste very delicious and indeed salty to be remixed with any kinds of meals or foods. And yeah, that the shape of the abon itself is not merely just like grater of meat, but instead something prettier and softer like pollen of woods.

And yap, you know it so well guys that the abon itself sometime also be chosen by everyone around to complete the white cooked rice in a very simple and ordinary meal in daily. But if you want to turn it magically into something more delicious and yet very yummy, you can always mix it with any other kinds of ingredients and turn it then into many prettier cakes, such as this one which is we presented to you today: the abon rolled cake!

Look at the picture where the abon is scattered anywhere yet the cake is very soft indeed and the texture of course is so extremely soft! You never can imagine it actually, so yeah it is quite run in vain if we told it to you while you do not have bite even a piece of it. So yep, just try to make it anyway.

You can always try to cook it in your own kitchen, or if you are still feeling un–adequate enough to cook it in order quite shy if some people mock at you while you also think that the cake will be failed, then you have to encourage yourself!

You cannot live with the expectation of many people. You know, even it will be failed, or in any other case like you cooked any previous cakes daily it had been failed, you once again have to endorse your own bravery to get overcome those people’s judgement. Even they all do not guaranteed to always succeed in their own lives in every aspect, right? So yeah, kill their opinions, and make a proof to yourself, that at least you make a progress in your life. That is the crucial point, sure!

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- 500 gr high protein flour

- 220 ml cold ice water + 70 ml whipping cream

- 100 gr white sugar

- 100 gr butter

- 25 gr milk powder

- 2 yolks

- 1 full egg

- 10 gr instant yeast

- 4 gr salt

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- 2 yolks, you have to mix it freely

- Spring onions

- Big red chilies, you can throw away the seeds first and then try to slice it softly

- Wijen seeds

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- Mayonnaise + SKM

-The pollen of chicken or cor/goat meat (abon)


1. Mix all the flour and the milk powder, sugar, and the yeast one in one bowl and stir it evenly.

2. Add some egg also the ice cold water little by little along you have to pinch it or yeah mix it by mixer.

3. Add some butter and salt and mix it again.

4. Take up the dough and close it by a napkin circa 45 minutes until it becomes blossom twofold.

5. Take the dough and divide it into two parts, and try to make some square and then put it in the baking tray as the shape and the size of your baking tray itself.

6. The baking tray itself must be burnished firstly by butter or margarine.

7. After you put the dough in the baking tray, you may then pinch the dough by fork so the trapped bubbles within the dough could be decreased and ya just let it be for 15 minutes.

8. Burnish the dough surface with yolks and spread the spring onions over it also the red chilies slices and the wijen seeds.

9. Heat the oven in 1900C for 15 minutes with upper and down fire and in the last 2 minutes you elevate a little bit of the fire in the oven itself. Never let it be too well–roasted.

10. Take it out from the oven and burnish it with mayonnaise also the spread of the abon. Roll it slowly and let it be for a while.

11. Burnish it again by the mayonnaise for the right and the left side of the cake and spread again the abon over it.

12. Serve it.

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