How to Make the Very Yummy Outdated Peanut Cake

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How to Make the Very Yummy Outdated Peanut Cake
How to Make the Very Yummy Outdated Peanut Cake/Pinterest


You know it so well guys that making or cooking the best meal or food will lead us eventually to the best journeys ever. Whether you are failed in the middle of the cooking process itself, but have you known that outside our house or especially far from our residence right now, there are many people who have been trapped in any kinds of hard and yet challenging situations, such as maybe they are all trapped in war or conflict zones which is they cannot even afford for meals or including getting out or escaped from the war zones itself.

It is much miserable and painful. So yeah, if you still having a roof above your head, some people even near or close or far around you who have been loving you, just be grateful for these all!


- 400 gr of triangle flour or you may use the multi–purpose flour here of course.

- 250 gr peeled soil peanuts which is previously you have to roast it well.

- 200 ml of eatable oil, but here in this material one sometimes some people also choose to use only 170 gr eatable oil. You can choose between these both anyway.

- 150 gr of soft sugar. Or some people here also prefer to use 180 gr of soft sugar

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla powder

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Burnish materials:

- Yolks, you have to mix it by fork only here

- 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or any kinds of eatable oil is excused here.

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1. Blend the peeled soil peanut until it becomes well–shattered and quite soft and then let it be on one bowl.

2. Mix all the materials in one bowl except the eatable oil one and then you can pour some little oil little by little into it.

3. If the dough once can be shaped into the dough of the cake itself then you can stop to pour the eatable oil itself.

4. You must remember here that you have not to let the eatable oil run out overall.

5. Close the dough in a plastic box and then save it in the refrigerator for circa 1 hour and then take it out for a while in the room temperature.

6. But here you can take a look for some people may having excuse to just mold it directly once the dough put in the room temperature.

7. Roll it then by any kind of baking roller and then you can put it in the baking tray which is previously have been burnished by a little bit of margarine.

8. After you put the dough in the baking tray then you can burnish it again by the margarine.

9. Then bake it in the oven in the temperature of 1500C.

10. Once the dough getting well–yellowed or well–browned, then you can take it out from the oven also save it then in your best cake bottles which is must or cannot be entered by any air around. 

11. Serve it for your big families! Happy meal anyway, good people!  (Dyah)

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