How to Make the Very Yummy Pukis Gembul

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How to Make the Very Yummy Pukis Gembul
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Who is here who do not even know pukis? Yeeahh, pukis is one of Indonesian cakes which is you can find easily in any corner of street in every city in Indonesia. Moreover, this cake one is very cheap and yet affordable to even any people, ranging from child to adult. They all really love with this cake one.

You know it so well that the taste is quite a bit sweet and sometimes yeah some sellers of this cake trying to fill this cake by some pasta or jelly or jam, such as: pineapple, chocolate, banana, peanuts, even some jackfruit cuts, or yeah strawberry. Most of children who are very like this cake must choose the strawberry and the chocolate one. But some adults might prefer to buy the banana, peanuts or even the jackfruit ones. Yeah you can fill it anyway by any kinds of pukis filling we have mentioned above.

Materials A:

-, 300 gr multi–purpose flour

- 30 gr of maize flour

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Materials B:

- 3 yolks

- 2 full eggs

- 100 gr of white sugar

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Materials C:

- 165 ml of coconut cream

- 100 gr of white sugar

- 40 ml of SKM

- 1 sheet of pandanus leaf

- 165 ml of UHT milk or low fat milk

Biang materials:

- 1 teaspoon of fernipan

- 2 tablespoon of multi–purpose flour

- 2 tablespoon of white sugar

- 60 ml of warm drinkable water

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Materials D:

- 125 gr of margarine or butter, you can let it melted anyway


1. Firstly, you have to mix the maize flour and the multi–purpose flour one altogether. And then let it be in one bowl.

2. Cook the coconut cream and sugar, also the pandanus leaf altogether by cooked it in the low fire size and stir it along so this will not broke off.

3. Let it simmering well. Then you have to turn off the fire on your stove.
Pour the low fat milk into the pan and stir it evenly again also let it be cold in the room temperature.

4. Mix the sugar by mixer also add it with the eggs until it will well–bloomed, then the color itself could turn to be a bit pale, then you can decrease the velocity of the mixer.

5. You may put the dried materials and the wet materials into it little by little, and one by one.

6. Turn off the mixer then add the biang materials one. Stir it evenly again.

7. Add the margarine into it and stir it again also let it be for 1 hour.

8. After the dough of the pukis cake gets well–bloomed you can now mold it in the baking mold. You may need 10 molds, prepare it anyway.

9. Once it get well–browned and the smells is very good, you can take it up from each mold and serve it on a best plate you have.

10. Share it to your loved ones. They must be grateful indeed you share this pretty yet delicious and yummy cake.

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