How to Make the Very Yummy OH Donuts Easily

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How to Make the Very Yummy OH Donuts Easily
How to Make the Very Yummy OH Donuts Easily/Pinterest


Donut is one of very yummy yet affordable cakes indeed. This is one of sweet cakes ever which is can be found easily in any public places.

In Indonesia of course you can buy or afford it even in the traditional shop which is built in every corner of the street.

You have to keep in mind also that this is very loveable cake and be liked by many people worldwide. The cost of one donut in Indonesia is circa one thousand rupiah only, so if you have much money then you can buy it then and share it to your children in your country, or yeah just bring and invite them to go to Indonesia and let them choose the very kinds of taste of this cake later by themselves. I bet and truly trust that they will love it so much. Moreover, sure you can also cook it by yourself. It is of course very easy.

So yeah just follow our instruction below however. You just need some patient to cook it, yeah like usual you cook any other kinds of cooks.

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- 500 gr of cakra flour or yeah this cakra flour one is also known in Indonesia as the high protein flour. You can try to find this flour one in your country if you cannot find this brand easily of course.

- 85 gr of white sugar

- 25 gr of milk powder

- 2 eggs

- 1 sachet of instant yeast

- 6 gr SP

- 65 gr white butter

- 5 gr of salt

- 200–210 gr of ice cold water

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1. Mix the dried materials altogether and stir it evenly along.

2. Then please slowly put the SP into the pan, also the egg and pour again the water little by little. You have to knead this dough then until it well–kneaded.

3. Put the white butter into it also the salt, and let us back kneading this dough.

4. Do such cutting, weighing, and rounding for the dough of the cake itself around 10 minutes.

5. Press the dough then by such a lapis legit cake presser and then try to make the cavity by using the rolling pin.

6. Do such proofing again until the dough getting well–bloomed circa around 30–45 minutes.

7. Fry it on the heated oil until it well–cooked by the medium fire size or the quite small fire size. And then after it getting really cold as the room temperature, then you may add or cover it by some sugar.

Or yeah you just can spread the sugar over the donut dough itself and then please, if you really want to sell this cake later so the point you have to make note is that you have to save or wrap the sugar itself in the different plastic or box, so it will not getting melted.

Moreover, some people also choose to mix the soft sugar with the roasted maize flour.

So yeah, just be wiser to save it whatever your decision later.

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