How to Make the Very Yummy Donut Brownies Easily

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How to Make the Very Yummy Donut Brownies Easily
How to Make the Very Yummy Donut Brownies Easily/Pinterest


You have to keep in mind that brownie is one of many yummy cakes in the world. That is why people worldwide always deem it mostly as a gist, by sending this cake to their sweetheart even families’ houses. Moreover if you understand the taste of this brownie itself you will be eventually cannot help falling in love more or yeah deeper than those who previously have been firstly fall in love towards this cake.

By the way the recipe below is about how to make the donut brownie cake. So yeah, from the title above only you have been known so well that this is just about how we can combine and mix the taste also the process of making these both different cakes and turn it both into something new but yet also yummy cake ever! So please do not miss it. You know moreover that many people worldwide even wont share their legend recipe to others, but here today we want to share it to you. Use it carefully and just cook it then. :)

Materials A:

3 full eggs

100 gr of white sugar

1 teaspoon of SP

A little bit of salt

Some extracted vanilla

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Materials B:

65 gr of multi–purpose flour

25 gr of chocolate powder

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Materials C:

- 50 gr of chocolate bar

- 85 gr of eatable oil or yeah you can also use any kinds of vegetable oil here.

Then here is that you have to note in mind is that both of the materials C above must be melted in your stove. So we can use it later.


1. Firstly, the point you have to do is to prepare the cake mold and burnish it by margarine. The cake mold itself some people commonly use is 9,5 x 6,5 cm.

2. Then you have heat on the steamer cooking tool.

3. Just mix by the mixer all the materials A till the color of this dough itself getting a bit more pale and then quite bloomed than the previous one.

4. Put the materials B into the pan A and stir it evenly along.

5. Then you have to do is to put the material C, stir it evenly also anyway. Put it then in a pipping bag and just started to try to spray the dough into the cake mold itself.

6. Steam it for 8 minutes by the small fire size and then please do not forget to the cap of the steamer cooking tool itself be covered by a napkin so that the boiled water on it would not falls or dropped down to the dough.

7. And yeah it will make the brownie cake surface getting more beautiful and seems even prettier.

8. You must know it well also guys that this recipe approximately will yield circa 10 donut brownies. So if you have more than ten children or yeah more than 10 familiy member the thing you have to is to add each amount of the materials.

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