How to Make Pepe Cake-Indonesian Thousand Layer Sticky Cake

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How to Make Pepe Cake-Indonesian Thousand Layer Sticky Cake
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Hello, good people! Here we come back to the collected cake and food recipes with dePost Mandalika! Some of you perhaps have been known this cake so well. Yeah, we can find this pepe cake around any city in Indonesia, including in many corner of traditional markets.

Besides the taste of pepe cake which is basically very sweet and the colors which are colorful indeed, it is also various anyway where you can find much any other colors either red and white, or green and white, and also purple and white, or orange and white. You can afford it very easy and yeah it is true and absolutely joyful is that you have to know the price itself is very affordable.

You just need to give circa Rp 2000 only for each one of this cake. For sure if you are trying to find and buy this cake in the traditional market ones you will get the cheapest or here is mean affordable and the price just around that above, Rp 2000 only. But instead if you try to buy it in a big or medium cake shops it will costs you around Rp 3000–5000. But for sure the taste is not really far different.

But please do not worried, you can always make this pepe cake colorfully by your own hand in your kitchen for sure. Here is the materials and steps you can be followed!

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- 400 ml of coconut cream or coconut milk

- 2 pandan leaves

- 100 gr sugar

- ½ tablespoon of cocoa powder

- 1 teaspoon of red food coloring

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- 150 gr sago flour


1. You can firstly grease the small loaf pan with a little bit of eatable oil and please then to preheat the steamer.

2. Then you have to sift the sago flour and also the rice flour one into a medium bowl. Then, add some sugar into it too.

3. Heat the coconut cream also the pandan leaves altogether with salt. Bring it almost to boiling point of your stove, and then let it cold for a while then.

4. Pour the coconut cream into the dry ingredients little by little gradually, and then please whisk it continuously.

5. Also you have to keep in mind that the mixture itself should be very smooth and quite light or here is means is not that too heavy.
Then you can pour the 200 ml of the batter into a measuring cup you have previously prepared.

6. Also then try to sift the cocoa powder and add this into the measuring cup. Whisk it altogether until it is smooth and the mixture also becomes evenly colored.

7. You can use a ladle and try to pour the plain mixture into the loaf pan. You have to make sure then you just make the thinnest layers and then steam it again for 3 minutes.

8. Pour the same amount of the chocolate mixture into the pan by using a ladle. Steam it for around 3 minutes and keep doing the same thing until all the chocolate batter getting run out.

9. You can laddle the last white mixture with the same amount like you did to the previous layers. And then please steam it again for around 3 minutes also reserve the remaining white batter one, add the red coloring food one and stir it well.

10. Pour the red batter on top of the cake and yeah just steam it again for circa 30 minutes.

11. Now you can remove it from heat and take out the cake from the pan and the steamer. Let it cold then around 10 minutes.

12. Loosen the sides of the pan and take out the cake from there also put it on a wire rack.

13. Let it gets cool wholly and once it has been cool, you can trim the edges, or slice it also serve it for your loved ones!

14. Have a great cake and pretty days to come!

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