The Beauty and Enchantment of Merese Mandalika Hill as Love Hill

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The Beauty and Enchantment of Merese Mandalika Hill as Love Hill
The Beauty and Enchantment of Merese Mandalika Hill as Love Hill - unsplash


Indonesia has a variety of tourist destinations by presenting a variety of natural beauty. With the charm of sunrise and sunset, the charm of tourism in Indonesia is spelled out stunning.

One of them is Bukit Merese Mandalika. This hill offers extraordinary natural beauty, even Merese hill is often called the hill of love.

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Usually, sunrise or sunset can be found on various beaches located in Indonesia. However, this time you can find sunrise and sunset at Bukit Merese Mandalika. This hill offers a variety of natural beauty that is so amazing.

This love hill is located on Jalan Kuta Lombok, Pujut, Central Lombok. Merese Hill is a mainstay tourist destination in Lombok, which is located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Mandalika. There are several spots that you can find there.

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In addition to presenting the natural beauty of this tourist destination, it is classified as instagramable which is suitable for taking pictures. Being surrounded by thundering waves makes the atmosphere calm.

The location of the hill which is quite high makes the wind blow hard accompanied by green grass that is still beautiful. Here are the various activities that you can do at Bukit Merese Mandalika.

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Enjoying Sunset and Sunrise
Activities that are usually done by tourists in the beach area. This time you can enjoy it on the hill of Merese. Although this hill is not too high and only takes a few minutes to reach its peak.

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For its beauty, there is no doubt. You will see how beautiful the scenery is with sunset and sunrise. But most tourists enjoy the grass that grows to roll over.

Witnessing the beauty of Tanjung Aan and Batu Payung
In addition to enjoying the sunset and sunrise, you can enjoy the beauty of the Tanjung Beach and the panorama of Batu Payung. At the top of the hill, you can see the expanse of two vast seas.

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The color of the water is so clear that our eyes are spoiled by the beauty of the surrounding nature.

For those of you who like to create creative content, it is perfect for taking pictures or videos with the desired duration.

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You can find some spots that are quite photogenic. This is one of the reasons tourists visit.
Besides that, you can do pre-wedding or just have a vacation and collect memories when visiting Lombok./put

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