Gerupuk Mandalika Beach Tourism Destinations Lombok with Challenging Waves

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Gerupuk Mandalika Beach Tourism Destinations Lombok with Challenging Waves
Gerupuk Mandalika Beach Tourism Destinations Lombok with Challenging Waves - unsplash


Indonesia has a charming tourist destination. Indonesia has Mandalika, Lombok. With tourist destinations that almost match Bali. Not a few attractions are so indulgent to the eye.

Many beaches with different colors of sand to different types of waves. This time DEPOSTMANDALIKA will discuss gerupuk beach. This beach is one of the beaches that has challenging waves and is famous among surfers.

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This tourist destination is located in Gurupuk Village, Central Lombok District. Not a few tourists visit surf. This activity is one that tourists can do with fun.

This beach is popular because it has challenging waves so that tourists and even foreign surfers can surf. For those of you who have a hobby of surfing, Gurupuk beach is highly recommended for you to try.

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Around Gerupuk Beach there are 5 unique places with names derived from the local language as well as international names given by foreign surfers. Such as Batu Teong (Dondon), Prigi (inside), Giligoleng (Outside), Batu Lawang (Kids Point), and Terasaq (Outside Left).

Five of these places turned out to have very wild waves. So it is challenging for tourists who want to beat it. Apart from surfing other activities can be done by visiting tourists.

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Other popular and interesting activities include swimming, playing in the sand, and climbing hills. Gurupuk beach is a beach that has soft white sand. With the soft white sand, Gurupuk Beach is a tourist destination as Lombok's greatest treasure.

Central Lombok is indeed one of the areas that have amazing natural beauty and charm. Besides gerupuk beach, Lombok has various beaches with each different tourist story./put

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